Skynet Workshops

Skynet offers an array of discovery workshops - from tabletop discussions to vulnerability testing, consultative meetings, and on-site evaluations - to assess your environment and provide unbiased expertise.

Cybersecurity Workshop

Review your security concerns, assess your current security posture, and receive recommendations tailored to your organization.

Cloud Migration Workshop

Discover the information you need to operate securely in the Cloud, then design plans for a seamless migration.

Infrastructure and Licensing Health Check

Evaluate your IT infrastructure to ensure it is ready to meet the challenges of a growing business while reducing the financial impact of new licensing models.

Physical Security Assessment

Examine and fortify your building access control and video surveillance systems.

Wireless Review

Ensure your wireless infrastructure supports your business requirements for voice, location-based services, data, and multimedia applications.

Disaster Recovery Workshop

Expect the unexpected and create a roadmap to recovery following a disaster or disruption.

Risk Management Workshop

Identify your unique business risk factors and explore mitigation options to get customized recommendations you can implement now.

Business Continuity Workshop

Would your teams know what to do if faced with a disaster or disruption? Identify your business-critical applications and services and document procedures for recovery.

Business Continuity Workshop Audio Visual Assessment

Discover what it will take to get audiovisual experience and performance tailored to your company’s unique needs.

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