Vulnerability Detection Service

SKYNET makes sure to leverage the latest in Nessus scan technologies to locate and remediate any potential vulnerabilities on your network.

Vulnerability testing

The scan will be done internally and externally by attempting to identify any vulnerabilities listed in the CVE (Common Vulnerability Exposures) database. This light-touch scan has the capability to quickly show you potentially exploitable assets on your network.

It’s important to do this regularly, as vendors make their legacy products EOL (End of Life), they will no longer receive security updates, and therefore will eventually become vulnerable to attack and infiltration.

How do we do it?

We place a probe inside your network, which constantly scans on-network devices and looked for these common issues. It can also be used to identify members of privilege groups in AD, as well as identify missing patches of operating systems and 3rd party software.

Reports are both granular and presentable to senior management. Giving you the best possible chance to gain approval to remediate the issues. If you need a little extra assistance, we’ll prepare and deliver a board-level presentation of our findings too.

Are your systems protected?

At the heart of every vulnerability management solution, there is a robust process which ensures full accountability for each step:

How Can We Help?

In 2020 18,325 new vulnerabilities were added to the CVE (Common Vulnerability Exposure) database. This is the highest ever recorded figure to date. Any of these exposures could lead to a compromise on your network, and lead to data reputational loss or damage.

Max. file size: 50 MB.

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