Managed Threat Response

Our security experts have years of training and experience in managed threat response and are on standby 24/7 to detect threats and provide a rapid response.

Advanced threat notification to isolate & block attacks

SKYNET leverages the very latest in advance threat hunting with our Sophos MTR partnership to ensure that your entire IT estate is monitored and protected 24/7. We use the latest in AI technology to identify and respond to threats as they occur in real time.

Take action against threats before it's too late

We make sure we provide you with a highly-specialized team of threat hunters that will proactively hunt for potential threats that may put your business at risk. We are able to leverage our 16 SOC centers nationwide that monitor and protect your investment 24/7.

Do you have the right tools in place to protect your investment?

80% of companies are vulnerable to ransomware attacks that could put a company out of business

How Can We Help?

We do the work while still having you own the decisions. This means that you set up the controls for how and when potential incidents are escalated and what response actions (if any) you want us to take. Our team then creates weekly and monthly reports that let you know what is happening in your environment and what steps have been taken to keep you safe.

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