Immutable Backups

Do you have the right IT company to ensure your enterprise is protected against a ransomware attack?

What are Immutable backups?

Given our partnership with Veeam we believe that has given us the ability to provide ransomware protection with an end-to-end, on-premises backup architecture unlike any other.

This partnership gives you the unique solution that supports S3 Object Lock that enables customers to make backup data copies immutable which will then protect your data and makes you invulnerable to hacker encryption or deletion.
We fully trust this data immutability since it has also been validated by the U.S. government certification testing. It has been tested and proven that it ensures the availability of an uninfected copy so that it can be recovered in the case of a ransomware attack.

Are you leveraging Immutable backups to protect against ransomware?

In order to protect your data from being disrupted by ransomware- a newer, more secure form of data backup has emerged to mitigate this threat. Immutable storage when used with a comprehensive backup strategy can save you from hackers looking to hold your data for ransom. We want you to have a strategy that's strong enough to fight back and Wasabi's immutable buckets and support for S3 Object Lock will help you do just that all while ensuring your data's security and integrity.

Any organization knows that data is critical to your business, which makes it a primary target for cyber attacks.

How Can We Help?

A mistake companies often make is by trying to fight ransomware by investing in a robust defense system. However we want to make sure your company is prepared for all situations including the scenario in which a company's defense system may fail. By implementing an immutable backup strategy it provides you with the best way to protect your data and have a fast response to a cyber attack without having to pay a hefty ransom.

Max. file size: 50 MB.

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