Business Continuity Planning

Is your company's data protected against the next disaster?

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Our team is ready to get you set up with a business continuity plan so that when IT has recovered the downed systems, the team executing BCP can initiate the plan to bring ops back up as quickly as possible.
We know that every minute counts. As a business every minute lost results in revenue loss, brand impact, dissatisfied customers, and lost productivity. Let us help you prevent that.

What is a proper Business Continuity Plan?

In the event of an unplanned disaster, it is imperative that we have a business continuity plan in place. This would provide your organization with a system of procedures that would be able to restore critical business functions during a natural disaster, security breach, service outage, or other potential threats. Business continuity planning (BCP) gives your organization the tools to be able to resume business operations with minimal time lost and protecting your resources when faced with a serious business interruption.

Is your business fully protected against a Disaster?

SKYNET's team of experts works with your business units to develop, test and implement a proper BCP.

How Can We Help?

We believe what truly makes a business continuity plan (BCP) fail proof is when it includes strategies that prepare you for handling IT disruptions to networks, servers, personal computers and mobile devices. Having this plan in place would guarantee that you'd be able to reestablish office productivity and enterprise software so that your key business needs can be met. We want to make sure operations will continue while the computer systems can be restored so we ensure there will be manual workarounds outlined in the plan.

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