Why is cybersecurity awareness training important?

In this era of technological advancements, we are prone to using everything over the internet. Currently, most of our needs, professional and personal alike, are mostly accomplished through the internet. This massive digitalization of our everyday needs is one of the greatest benefits human beings are enjoying because of the internet. However, this also gives birth to Cyber Criminals, who would use different tactics to carry out their crimes.

To the abovementioned reasons, the training regarding Cyber Security of vital importance. Cyber-crimes are ever-growing, due to which we need to have an awareness as an everyday user to be aware of different methods and techniques used by these criminals to save ourselves from being the victims of one.

According to IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index, 95% of all cybersecurity breaches are caused due to human errors. This is an alarming percentage, and the reason behind that is the lack of awareness that employees or end users have in this field. Just like the trainings on organizational policies, we need to have more trainings on Cybersecurity to ensure that all the employees are aware and up to date with the latest information, method and techniques so that organizational security can be ensured.

This training has more benefits and allows the users to be more aware of any alarms/threats they might have to face while using the internet. Following are the benefits of Cybersecurity Awareness Training:

Prevention of Potential Breaches:

We can always ensure that we can avoid most of the potential breaches (if not all) as most of them require the input from the user in one way or the other.

Giving Rise to Tighter Security:

It is not something that can be achieved a 100%, but we can always achieve maximum level of security by complying to the security policies of our organization. Thus, the employees becomes the defense system in the organization once they are aware and properly trained on the subject.

Preventing Downtime

If everyone in the organization adheres to the cyber security training, we can prevent more attacks and breaches, which in turn reduces any downtime caused due to a cyber attack. This ends up improving employee’s productivity.

Customer Confidence

As an MSP or any service provider, the most important aspect of the relationship is the Trust. If a service provider has its employees well-trained on the subject of Cyber Security, they end up having a better relationship with their customers. Moreover, a study also showed that more than 38% organizations have discontinued their relations with their service providers (breached entity) owing a data breach.

Personal/Financial Privacy

Most of the cyberattacks initiate by getting personal information of the victim and then moving on to all the associated walks of life that go with it, like finances/banking information etc. The training can avoid identity theft and financial losses to the users. In the same fashion, organizations can also benefit monetarily if all the employees are trained amply on the subject. 

In conclusion, while everyone is trying to be secure about their information online, cyber criminals are finding newer ways to attack. This makes it extremely important for the organizations to focus on this side of the security.

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