Security Operations Center & Compliance Management Tools


Security and regulatory requirements are a major concern for most businesses and organizations. Skynet’s security monitoring solution centers provide comprehensive measures to meet these demands, such as 24/7/365 in-house security monitoring officers, mantrap entries, IP-DVR cameras, biometrics, and keycard scanners to protect your data from malware, cyber-attacks, and other human exploits.

Hybrid Managed Environment- Cost Of Ownership 

SKYNET Enterprises’ security solutions provide several scalable opportunities to reduce the overall costs according to your budget. Our professional IT team helps you to reduce power and networking costs, dedicated operational and security measurement staff, and efforts all must be considered beyond the expense of basic equipment in your existing business environment. Clear up internal/external resources by relying on SKYNET Enterprise to maintain the data center space with our Cloud Security Services.

We provide highly available custom cloud-based IT managed protection cloud services that help them reduce overall operational costs, minimize downtime, and streamline operations of your existing business environment. Our well-skilled and certified cloud developers and engineers specialize in backup and disaster recovery solutions within minutes and respond quickly to protect your data. Our managed tools and AWS have the solutions and resources to help accelerate backup and disaster recovery to reach ROI revenue over investment faster.

We provide a high-performance cloud environment for your critical IT infrastructure. You can benefit from 100% uptime support services and focus on core business rather than managing/ maintaining a data center. Additionally, professional technicians provide dedicated, private connection options to hundreds of business networks provides cloud services, and management solutions to help streamline your architecture and infrastructures.

What Do Our Federated Security Centers bring To You?

  • Defending our clients from the latest advanced threats using comprehensive automation tools.
  • Our technicians make services and products more effective, and scalable by analyzing attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities.
  • Secure access to your data and infrastructure 24/7 via SKYNET Enterprises.
  • The collaboration of security consultants ranging from security analysts to managed security solutions and professional forensic investigators.

Our Security Operation Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) offers a tailored solution approach for SIEM and data analytics. The service supports leading security products, has a proven delivery process, and provides continual access to certified IT staff. It increases visibility into your business environment, accelerating alert to incident escalation while providing proactive risk management and support for migration. It helps you to maximize the value of your investment ROI in the latest security technologies enabling you to attain your desired security condition.

Staffing security operations is a major challenge in the modern IT industry. We work as the security operation platform that provides 24/7 deep skills with pre-design solutions. We assist management, threat investigation, and compliance reporting globally. 

Why Choose SKYNET Enterprises?

SKYNET Enterprise offers scalable security management solutions and strategies for businesses and companies of all sizes. Further, our data centers are carrier and cloud-neutral, providing flexibility for growing business networks. While we are the Industry Leading biggest provider with affordable, reliable security options and tools.

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