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Hybrid data centers are getting more and more popular in recent years. Due to various advantages of the Cloud system, many companies that use their data center on-premise are also opting to extend their system to the cloud. This strategy brings a lot of benefits to the business and flexibility to the system.

In this article we will discuss the different benefits of using hybrid systems and why should you implement a Microsoft Azure solution with a colocation data center.

Benefits Of Using Colocation Data Center With On-Premise Data Centers

Although using an on-premise data center is considered safe and secure, the trend is changing as cloud systems are getting more and more beneficial for all types of businesses. We have described some of the key benefits you will get when implementing a Microsoft Azure solution with a colocation data center along with your on-premise or in-house data center.

Split Workload

The workload is often the main reason servers go down and disrupt the workflow. Colocation data centers allow you to split the workload between your in-house servers and the cloud servers. This allows for the Cloud servers to be an extended arm for the in-house servers in case the system overloads or needs additional resources to function. The architecture is designed in such a way that the normal workflow would not be disturbed even when there is high network traffic.

Cloud Native Applications & Technologies Implementation

Cloud systems are popular because of their unique ability to implement cloud-native applications which are scalable and dynamic. It also allows instant implementation and development over the cloud. This is why more and more companies prefer a complete cloud or a hybrid system through colocation data centers.


Scalability is another great benefit you will get when using the Microsoft Azure solution with our colocation data center services. You can scale up your cloud servers whenever the system demands more space and resources for its function. It is also much faster to scale up compared to in-house data centers where you have to self-manage the upgrade. Our colocation data center services make it much easier for you to upgrade your servers.

Cloud Bursting

Cloud bursting is a key factor that helps if your system receives fluctuating data demand. It is a process where your in-house servers are designed to burst into cloud servers when there is high data demand. It helps in providing the system with enough resources to satisfy the processing and data demands.

Remote Access

Another key reason cloud servers are popular is that they are accessible remotely. You can simply use any computing device to log into your remote server and manage it from there. Unlike the on-premise data centers that are slow and laggy to access, cloud systems are fast and secure and you can even configure it to be accessed by your remote staff and manage it.

Cost Efficiency

Cost is a big factor in managing businesses. With colocation data centers like ours, you can expect the cost to be very low compared to on-premise server setups. Since the servers are maintained for multiple users, the maintenance, upgrade, and operation cost gets distributed, making the overall cost very low.

Low Infrastructure Spending

In-house servers are often expensive and sit idle most of the time when there is no demand. You can invest low on your on-premise servers and use our colocation data center when there is high demand. This way, you do not have to spend a lofty amount on your on-premise servers.

Ready To Implement Microsoft Azure Solution With Our Colocation Data Center?

Therefore, it is much more advantageous for businesses to use Microsoft Azure solution with our colocation data center services along with their on-premise servers. Contact us today for more information and how to optimize your network architecture to work with hybrid servers.

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