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What is SOPHOS Managed Threat Response?

Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR) is a fully-managed threat hunting, detection, and response service provided by SKYNET Assist. Sophos MTR provides businesses with a team of expert threat hunters who leverage advanced technology and intelligence to identify and respond to cyber threats in real-time. Our

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Office 365 Migration

What are office 365 migration outsourcing services?

Office 365 migration outsourcing services refer to moving your organization’s data, applications, and other resources from its current infrastructure to Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based platform. This process is typically the cost-effective and efficient way for your organizations to take advantage of Office 365 migration solutions,

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Empower Your Business Network With Azure Consulting Solution

If you are looking to migrate your existing business application or develop a new one using Azure, you may want to take help from a consulting solution. The right setup, configuration, and optimization are necessary on a cloud computing platform so that your organizational assets

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MDM Services

What Is MDM (Mobile Device Management)? | SKYNET Enterprises

In recent times, using mobile devices in the office environment has become necessary. From communication to work management, employees use mobile devices that are either provided by the company or have ‘Bring Your Device (BYOD)’ policies where the employees bring their own devices. However, in

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